Board of Directors

Marianne Wier, Chairman

Marianne Wier, born 1963, is a Member of the Board since 2018. Wier holds a law degree from Copenhagen University. Wier has a background as a lawyer and has through her previous experience acquired extensive knowledge in leadership and a good strategic understanding. Wier's core competence mainly covers development and innovation as well as change management. Wier has been responsible for implementing a major digital transformation regarding efficiency, digital solutions and innovation at Topdanmark with successful business results. Wier has a proven record from public traded companies. Previous experience includes, among other things, COO and Deputy Director of Topdanmark, President and Attorney at Johan Schülter Law Firm, Group Public Affairs Manager at Danske Bank, and Corporate & Government Affairs Manager at Microsoft Denmark.

Jeppe Bo Petersen, Member of the Board

Jeppe Bo Petersen, born 1966, is a Member of the Board since 2018. Petersen is currently the CEO of Olivia Danmark A/S, which is one of the largest actors within aid and support schemes for patients in their homes. Petersen has extensive experience within corporate finance, strategic work, operational goals, risk analysis and compliance. Prior to his contribution at Olivia Danmark A/S, Petersen has been CFO at for instance Valad Europe A/S and Nordicom A/S. In total, Petersen has approximately 30 years experience within the field of economy.

Søren Melsing Frederiksen, Member of the board

Søren Melsing Frederiksen, born 1976, is a Member of the Board since 2018. Melsing Frederiksen holds a Master of Industrial Drug Development (MIND) from Copenhagen University. Melsing Frederiksen’s +11 years of pharma experience is ranging from R&D, project management, sales management, marketing and product launch and have been engaged in all elements of the commercial work including market access, medical affairs, commercial strategy and sales execution for pharma leaders like LEO Pharma and Aspen Pharma. Melsing Frederiksen currently holds the position as Head of Commercial Operation at Aspen Pharma Nordic.


Rolf Steno, CCO and Member of the board

Rolf Steno, born 1965, is a Member of the Board since 2018. Steno is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience with business innovation, strategy and global sales and marketing. Steno has been working as CEO at LFP Scandinavia for 14 years and for the Techsage/Spinjet case for 16 years with sales in 130+ countries, where Steno was the inventor and partial patentholder of the IP to the Spinjet. Steno has held professional roles within the areas of senior management, global support & service and business development. Steno holds the role of CCO in STENOCARE.