Company Introduction

Founded in Denmark in 2017, STENOCARE sole purpose is being part of the Danish four-year Programme for medical cannabis products to patients. The company is operating in a highly regulated market under the jurisdiction and control of the Danish Medical Agency – where the products are only legally available via prescription from a physician to a patient.

STENOCARE has their headquarter in Denmark, and a wholly owned subsidiary – STENOCARE Ireland Ldt – in Ireland.


is to produce and supply medical cannabis products that helps patients getting a better quality of life

The STENOCARE strategy have two pillars that are equally important for the success of the company:

  1. Import and wholesale of high quality finished medical cannabis products for Danish patients
  2. Operate own cultivation- and production facility in Denmark to produce high quality finished cannabis products for Danish and European patients

The medical cannabis market in Denmark and Europe are all recently legalized, and there is very limited historic data on market size and potential. STENOCARE is projecting for 2021, that the Danish market value could reach DKK 1 billion and the European market could reach DKK 30 billion for medical cannabis products. Data from more mature legalized markets like Canada indicate, that supply capacity is not growing at the same rate as the global demand from new legalizing markets without local production. This trend offers attractive future opportunities for the company’s own production facility.

STENOCARE has been a first-mover securing regulatory approvals from The Danish Medicine Agency. The company has been granted (1) approval to import/manufacture/Distribute medical cannabis products, (2) approval to cultivate and product medical cannabis products, (3) approval to handle activities with euphoriant substances – and (4) approval to have STENOCARE medical cannabis oil products accepted on the Danish Medicine List.

Executive management of STENOCARE