How to invest in STENOCARE

The STENOCARE medical cannabis stock is traded on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm.

Stock name: STENOCARE
STENOCARE stock ticker: STENO
ISIN-code: DK0061078425
FISN (ISO 18772): Stenocare AS/-

Who can buy medical cannabis stock in STENOCARE?

Investors living in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) have a selection of Nordic banks and brokers that support trade with STENOCARE stocks.


Investors living in European countries can trade STENOCARE medical cannabis stocks via Morgan Stanley Europe SE and SVS Securities PLC

Easy access for European investors:


You can also contact Mr Thomas Smith at SVS Securities PLC


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How can I buy stock in STENOCARE?

It is not possible to trade STENOCARE medical cannabis stocks directly with Spotlight Stock Market. All trade should be executed via a bank or broker that has an agreement with Spotlight Stock Market.

Following banks and brokers can assist with buying STENOCARE stocks:


If your bank or broker is not on the Spotlight member list, and would like to be added to the Spotlight trading platform – they can contact Emelie Jarnesten at

Please notice that some of the banks on the member list have global representation and/or welcome international investors on their trade platforms. Nordnet Bank is an example of a member that welcome investors from European countries